Dr. Jens Hertig

Dr. Jens Hertig, licensed in Medicine in the year 2000 at the University of Göttingen, Germany, began his career as an Anesthesiologist and physician for Intensive Care in Hamburg, where he also acquired the specialization in rescue medicine and worked as an emergency physician.

In 2006, Dr. Hertig decided to join the NGO - Doctors Without Borders
- and practiced in the crisis areas of Liberia and Haiti, where he not only worked as an anesthetist, but was also responsible for building the infrastructure and logistics of local medical care.

Following this, Dr. Hertig worked as a ship's doctor for - Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) - . On board he took over the general medical and emergency care for more than 3000 passengers and 1000 crew. In international waters he carried out several medical emergency evacuations by helicopter and rescue boat

He then accepted the offer, following the legendary television series of the 80s, to work as a "Flying Doctor" for - The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia - in Alice Springs and Darwin. With his team he rescued patients by Learjet in the vastness of the Australian Outback.

Next station was the remote private island Laucala, part of the Fiji Islands. In a high-end resort, he built a medical care system

In 2011 he returned to Europe and decided to move his new home to Mallorca.
Initially planned for only 1 year, he took on the task of setting up a medical supply system in Southern Iraq. He finally spent 6 years of commuting between Mallorca and Iraq and in the end could proudly look back on the planning and construction of 5 clinics, the training of 10 Iraqi doctors up to Western standards, as well as the planning and coordination of an ambulance system with 20 ambulances and the training of over 100 paramedics.

The project was completed in 2017 and Dr. Hertig returned to Mallorca, where he began working at the Hospital Clinic Balear as a ward- and emergency doctor and on ambulances

Dr. Hertig is an internationally experienced medical doctor with a wide medical spectrum and able to manage each medical- and emergency situation perfectly


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