Cosmetic surgery

We offer cosmetic surgery around the eyes. Upper and lower eyelid streamlining, elimination of lipid pods in the area of the eyes. The treatments are performed depending on the extent in our clinic in Santa Ponsa or in a clinic in plasma.

Botox and Hyaloron- injections belong to the program, performed by our eye doctor professionally and competently.


+34 971 68 5333 / Paguera

+34 971 68 5333 / Santa Ponsa

+34 871 57 0606 / Eye Clinic

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Important notices

From now on we are available on the phone from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm.

You can now book an appointment in Santa Ponsa with Dr. Hertig and with Dra. Neumann in Paguera now 24/7 under this LINK.

If you want to book an AntiGen Test (Lateral flow) follow this link please.

If you need a PCR test you can book it online here.

Best regards Dr. Andreas Leonhard and the team of the German Medical Centre
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