A subspecialty of medicine's dermatology, devoted to the treatment and care of patients. Here it's patients with non-infectious and infectious diseases of the skin as well as benign and malignant skin tumors. In recent years the dermatology far beyond the long experienced practice of the simple ointment treatment of pathological conditions of the skin also evolved. The comprehensive advice and employment with aesthetic aspects of aging of the skin plays for us in the German medical specialist centre in South West of Mallorca of an important role. The approaches of interest develop it as well as care and treatment. Here the modern laser device is used.
The skin is our largest organ

that is almost two square metres area and an essential means of communication, it protects our body and is coordinating body between us and the environment. Heat and cold, pain or pleasure and stimulation are mediated with the numerous sensory cells of the skin. Inside the body in turn processes become visible that the condition of the immune or endocrine systems, for example, reflected on the skin and send signals to the environment. Even the aging process, stress, diseases but also well-being and relaxation be visible. Our "unprotected outer layer" is used because of its size through the environment heavily by damage. Malignant tumors, benign diseases and allergies can be the result. But also the excessive or premature aging of the skin.

Dermatology can help with skin diseases and changes in many ways today.

The adjacent tissues and the disorders of the hair and the nails, the veins, the mucous membranes are treated in dermatology. The treatment of the skin also ointments or tablets, as well as operational methods available to stand next to the diagnosis. The surgical Dermatology is used only by our specialists on Mallorca. Of the scalpel on the icing to the modern laser unit are we used to perform the various techniques.
Our range of services and our services to help them that they all feel comfortable in your skin. For information and appointments but also to the advice we offer via phone, email and of course in Mallorca at the disposal.


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