Laser Medicine

The laser application in medicine has gained increasing importance. In operational and aesthetic medicine, the usage has been extended significantly by laser devices here in Mallorca. Aesthetic problems such as an age spot removal is bloodless and without opening the skin takes also a little time and runs largely painless, and leaves usually no visible scars on the skin.

The laser medicine can be used in ophthalmology, dentistry, the Middle Ear surgery, hard and soft tissue processing and in the laser-induced thermotherapy for the treatment of tumors and metastases. The argon-ion laser is used to treat a treatment of vascularized skin lesions and broken capillaries on the face and smaller veins. The KTP laser with similar spectrum is suitable for Fibromas and warts. Finally a Ruby laser to the gentle epilation of disturbing hair, as well as for removal of benign pigmented moles and tattoos.

The laser medicine is a branch of medicine which is taking advantage of the wavelengths of the laser. The effectiveness of the laser is easily explained.  So intense, sharply focused light beam irradiated to the affected areas to the laser increased light at a particular wavelength and produces. To date the laser principle is developed here on the theories of Albert Einstein applied and constantly so that the range of laser medicine can be applied always diverse.

Get more information on Laser Medicine, they contact their German medical specialist centre in the South West of Mallorca in Peguera and Santa Ponsa.


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