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You need an AntiGen-Test or PCR test for travelling? You can book easy and quick on our websites online.

Anti Gen Tests (Lateral Flow Tests)

An AntiGen test is € 30.-.

The booking portal is available in English.

directly to the Online booking (onlly AntiGen-Tests)

The Booking is as easy:

You click on the link above or below. Choose the button "book appointment", Choose on after the other: Paguera or Santa Ponsa, Day, time, number of people. Then enter the data of each of the participants starting with the title, first name, last name, date of birth, adress (street), postal code, city, email adress (very important, if wrong you do not receive a confirmation neither the result. and a telefone number. at last tick all the boxes. You have to create an account at last, and the system askes you for a password (Example: 2021Mallorca+).

If the "weiter" button at the end does not work, scroll upward to see what field are marked red. Fill in the data or corect it.

You will receive a confimation email with a QR code and a button to cancel the appointment.

Bring the email confirmation, a passport and the money at the time of the booking. Do not cancel if you want to come on the same day later or earlier, just pop in. Could be that you have to wait a minute.

You do not have to wait for the result, it comes by email 20-30 minutes after the test. Attached ist a pdf file which you can print out. It is in german and english. The result comes with a QR code for the CORONA APP.

Please remember: you can not just come in to make the test. Online booking is required.

PCR Tests

PCR Tests are available in our clinics in Paguera and in the Test Centre in Santa Ponsa.

The standard PCR test for € 75.- take aprox. 48 hours until you receive the result.
We offer as a special service a PCR test within 25 hours for € 105.- and within 12 hours for € 155.-.

The 3 PCR tests are available with online booking or by telefone under 971 68 5333 or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To the online booking website

The booking page is in German but it is so easy that it will be no problem to cope with the language.


+34 971 68 5333 / Paguera

+34 971 68 5333 / Santa Ponsa

+34 871 57 0606 / Eye Clinic

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Important notices

From now on we are available on the phone from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm.

You can now book an appointment in Santa Ponsa with Dr. Hertig and with our doctors in Paguera now 24/7 under this LINK.

If you want to book an AntiGen Test (Lateral flow) follow this link please.

If you need a PCR test you can book it online here.

Best regards Dr. Andreas Leonhard and the team of the German Medical Centre