Slit lamp diagnotics

This optical device offers the examiner the possibility of a sharply defined slit-shaped light beam, whose width can be varied to focus on the eye. At the same time he has the opportunity to look at this through a light microscope. The magnification of the microscope is variable with most devices and usually ranges from 6- to 30-fold.

 Through various exposure methods (diffuse, direct, focal, indirectly, regressed, side, etc.) and variable light slit widths, it is possible to inspect almost all front, middle and rear portions of the eye to far located in the peripheral regions of the retina. For some investigations are additional aids, such as a three-mirror lens, necessary.
Our modern slit lamp IDST additionally with a tonometer by Goldmann equipped, which is used to measure intraocular pressure. A combination is equipped with digital cameras to document findings cinematically or photographically.
The slit lamp, which they equipped outfitted with us, is one of the most important diagnostic tools of an ophthalmologist practice and comes in almost every patient to use.


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