Neuropathy therapy

Do you have tingling, burning sensations in your legs or a numb feeling in your feet?

Of course, you should always consult a doctor first with this type of discomfort in order to clarify which causes are responsible.

Many people suffer from so-called polyneuropathies, which can have many causes. The most common and best studied reasons are diseases, such as diabetes, kidney damage, or alcohol disorders. Also the intake of medicines or chemotherapy can cause such complaints.
Nevertheless, there are also reasons that are not yet known and despite the exclusion of the above-mentioned diseases or reasons, these complaints still exist.

For all complaints of this kind, it is possible to apply a therapy that noticeably improves or makes the complaints disappear in 99% of the patients.

Medical therapies with electrical muscle stimulation have been around for a long time and are used for various applications.
The effectiveness of HTEMS (High Tone External Muscle Stimulation) has been scientifically researched and proven for years.

Especially in diabetes, polyneuropathic complaints could be significantly reduced.

We have been using an HTEMS device since March 2022.

It is used regularly over several weeks. In our practice you can book it for 49 € each. The application is usually covered by the private health insurance.


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