General Medicine

The general practitioner of Podaleiros, son of the Greek God of healing Asclepios, exercised the medical activity at the ancient Greeks. Then as now the working area of the general practitioner is the primary care of patients.

Individual and personal service

in all walks of life, we have made us on Mallorca to the target. Our general practitioners have specialized on Mallorca, to consult for them as the first medical contact for all health problems. The care of all patients with health problems and also acute and long term care belongs in the area of general medicine and prevention (precautionary) and rehabilitation on Mallorca.

The identification of preventable dangerous curves

and to assign them the appropriate medical treatment belongs to the tasks of the general practitioner also on Mallorca. The care of diabetics and hypertension patients is another focus. Our work principles of general medicine are created patient-doctor relationship in the long term.

The medical supply

is also an essential part of the health system in Mallorca. The general practitioners accompanied the patients for the use of the differentiated supply offers of the system and guarantees a professional exchange with other disciplines. So that an optimum coordination of care can take place.

To a structured treatment programs

to ensure a strong commitment in this field wondered which we is to perform complete satisfaction our patients on Mallorca. Quality, service and coordination for the optimised care of patients is as self-evident as the supply of chronic diseases.

To avoid unnecessary duplicate examinations

and you can exclude resulting multiple and faulty regulations it with us on Mallorca. The care of the patient improves maximum outpatient treatment options to avoid even one hospital admissions. Here the principle ambulanter-prior to inpatient treatment. The home care and care our patients on Mallorca is coordinated through our general practitioners. This trust is the basis for an effective and quick recovery of our patients.


+34 971 68 5333 / Paguera

+34 871 57 0606 / Eye Clinic

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