Own-blood therapy

OWN BLOOD therapy or also called PRP.

In our practice we provide a wide spectrum of treatment for our patients. Thus, we would also like to offer you the latest trends and healing procedures, in terms of pain relief and gain in quality of life.

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is a new form of treatment that is produced from the patient's own blood using a special procedure. For this purpose, about 10ml of blood is taken from the patient and centrifuged. The blood of all of us contains many different healing powers. Especially important for healing and regeneration are the platelets, also called thrombocytes. These are separated from the rest of the components in the blood with the help of the centrifuge and the associated growth factors are released. The PRP produced in this way can be administered to the patient depending on the patient's condition.

The use of platelet-rich plasma is based on the knowledge that platelets release growth factors during blood clotting, which have a positive influence on the healing process. Injection of the plasma triggers an immune response, which leads to the promotion of regeneration and the body's own healing powers. This in turn leads to relief of discomfort, healing of the injury or wound healing in the applied area.

PRP has a wide range of applications in orthopedics. One of the main applications is the treatment of osteoarthritis pain in the large joints such as knee, hip, shoulder, ankle. According to the new studies, after the application of PRP with added hyaluronic acid, patients show a significant reduction in pain with long-lasting effect and increase in quality of life compared to the usual joint injections, e.g. with cortisone. Furthermore, chronic complaints of the spine can be treated with it. PRP therapy also offers an excellent alternative for therapy-resistant pain. In the area of sports injuries, the injection of platelet-rich plasma accelerates healing by releasing growth factors that stimulate regenerative cells. As a result, muscle, ligament and tendon injuries can heal faster in the initial phase. In addition, this method provides excellent results in the treatment of chronic wounds, without the need for time-consuming dressing changes. Thanks to the released growth factors, the healing of the wound is accelerated and the treatment time is shortened. Famous people who have already made use of it are Tiger Woods, Rafael Nadal and many many others!


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