Cardisio - AI based cardisiography

The revolution in cardiac care

Why a cardisiography?

Until now, the simple diagnosis of heart diseases was hardly possible or only possible at great expense. Cardisiography is the first method that reliably detects heart diseases with the help of artificial intelligence. It enables an effective check-up of your heart - simply, quickly and precisely.

An ECG, for example, is only of limited value in detecting circulatory disorders in the heart muscle. Cardisiography indicates within a few minutes and with a very high degree of accuracy whether the heart is healthy!
Cardisiography is as easy to use as an ECG, but it measures the heart muscle in three-dimensional space. The measured values are evaluated using a special computer algorithm based on the possibilities of artificial intelligence. The evaluation quickly provides clarity as to whether the heart is diseased or whether a heart attack could be imminent.

Cardisiography is non-invasive, i.e. only electrodes are attached to the body for screening and no needles or syringes are inserted into the body. This makes cardisiography risk-free and suitable for any adult, regardless of age or health condition. Most affected people are asymptomatic until they have a heart attack or are not diagnosed until they have severe symptoms. A cardisiogram makes it possible to assess anyone's risk of having a heart attack. So you can keep an eye on your heart health easily and without much effort!

Great importance is also attached to data protection: Only data that is necessary for the analysis is collected, e.g. age and weight. Other private data, such as name or address, are not entered and remain with your doctor.

Important to know: If the cardisiography has found a patient with heart problems, the person concerned is sent for further examinations, e.g. a heart MRI. This usually quickly finds the causes of the disease. Timely diagnosis and good treatment, e.g. with medication or minor surgery, can prevent serious consequences such as a heart attack. That is why preventive heart care is so important.

The examination can be booked online in Santa Ponsa and costs (independent of any other treatment) including an evaluation discussion with a doctor € 199.- (within a treatment that is taking place anyway € 141.-).
The examination itself takes about 10 minutes, followed by the evaluation talk with the doctor. Please allow about 30 minutes for the examination.

Please watch the patient education video at this LINK:


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