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We always offer great opportunities to make a job change, take the next step in your career or make a bold change.

We always have positions available with the following job profiles:

Receptionist and Switchboard Operator

Our receptionists are the first point of contact for all patients entering the practices. Since there is no second chance for the "first impression", these positions are of special importance. A friendly reception, a competent and professional approach, fast and safe guidance of patients to the appropriate doctors, billing at the end of treatment and farewells are essential for this job. Of course, routine handling of technical and IT aids is a must in order to meet this requirement, as is a good language level in German, English and Spanish.
As a rule, they also take turns in providing patient care by telephone, making appointments, advising patients, sending prescriptions, clarifying billing issues and all other telephone enquiries. They bring empathy and competence in counselling and knowledge of patients with them from their reception work, where they are an important first point of contact for patients coming to our surgeries.

Medical staff
With certified training in the medical assistant professions (medical assistant, nurse), they work at the medical interface between doctor and patient. They support the doctor, carry out examinations and diagnostics independently, analyse blood or prepare it for the laboratory and care for and monitor patients during their stay in the practice. The routine operation of our practice programme is necessary and you will be jointly responsible for medical purchasing and inventory management of our materials.

Administrative assistant
Bookkeeping, patient accounting, translations, secretarial matters and support for our management are back-office activities that ensure that the medical staff and doctors can concentrate on their actual work.

Current situation: (as of 01.09.2022) there are currently no positions available. Please feel free to apply on your own initiative. We answer all enquiries and sometimes supply and demand meet even without advertising.

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