VNS Analysis

The VNS analysis measures on the heart rate variability (HRV), the autonomic nervous system.
The VNS analysis shows quickly, easily and most scientifically recognized as our vegetative nervous system (VNS) regulates and works. The VNS with its two main nerve sympathetic and parasympathetic, also called vagus, is a higher-level control center in the body, controls which child processes and all vital functions such as blood pressure, respiration, heart rate, immune, hormonal and digestive system, energy supply, etc. and regulated.
What statements can I expect from the VNS analysis:
Have or I'm too releiden at risk a burn out
Is my feeling that I am not feeling well founded?
Can my tinnitus or my itching to do with my "nervous"?
Benefiting the state of my nervous system frequent infectious diseases
Am I my daily stress currently grown?
The autonomic nervous system (ANS) is the supreme control center in the body and sets the course for the control and regulation of Organe- and organ systems there. All institutions which we willingly can not influence, are the responsibility of VNS - in short: "The VNS regulates all vital functions."
Without the regulation of VNS Organe- and organ systems may not work. This means that an organic disorder is due to a previous failure in the control and regulation by the SSF.
"A regulatory disorder is therefore always in front of a malfunction!"
The state of the highly complex and complicated VNS is presented in conjunction with the resting heart rate in two simple beams, so that you can answer at a glance, the question also himself: "If the necessary balance between body tension and relaxation of the body yet?"
The sympathetic nervous system (Red represents voltage) is responsible for the physical performance. It is also known as "stress nerve" or voltage nerve.
The parasympathetic nervous system (Blue represents relaxation) is responsible for physical recreation, relaxation, repair and regenerative processes. He is also referred to as relaxed nerves or nerve rest. The relaxed nerves is as responsible for the regulation of blood pressure, insulin production and blood dilution. The consequences of a restricted type of relaxed nerves are read off of the abundance of diseases.
At best, takes a sitting or at rest, the body relaxation prevail. The result indicates whether the relaxation nerve was active during measurement or if the voltage nerve is in a resting position of the active part of the VNS.
The VNS analysis is the first diagnosis that contained the march diseases recognizes, even if all laboratory tests and still provide completely normal.


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