Refractive treatment

We recommend all who don't want to wear glasses and a correction of refractive of error by Femto LASIK is no longer makes sense where the refractive lens Exchange, treatment.
This applies for example, if you need reading glasses or are ill on cataracts. The reading disabilities can not be corrected currently still satisfactorily with a laser. The emergence of cataract is the normal development of the eye at high longevity. The lens Exchange due to this disease is so inevitably necessary at any given moment. A very attractive alternative for a younger man is making this treatment even before the formation of cataracts, and thus to refrain from any glasses.

The procedure itself does not differ from the phacoemulsification in disease cataracts. Also the natural against an artificial lens is replaced with this procedure. The treatment is a preventive measure, for which they already decide before a disease is forced to do so. During the operation, an existing astigmatism is corrected of course with.

A rapidly developing and wide range of intra-ocular lenses of any character allows for adaptation to basically any Visual defects. Together, and with the help of sophisticated and innovative technology, we determine the lens that suits you. The basis of our planning is the topography of their cornea and a modern biometrics (lens thickness measurement). Not always the most complex lens must be also the best. Our goal is your optimalstes look.
The lenses to be inserted are in the following ways:

Single vision lenses (Monofokal)

On the use of single vision lenses, vision on distances between one meter and in the distance is optimized. This type of lens is used in the majority of cases, because the eye and brain get used to most easily it. It is important to know that they need reading glasses still for the distances below a meter.

A concurrent corneal curvature, is the lens can compensate for with these (toric lens).

Two strengths lens (bifocals)

Grafik zur Erklärung einer bifokalen LinseGraphic explaining a bifocal lens a few years ago the bifocal lenses were the best way an existing refractive error and also to compensate for an age-related reading disabilities. The underlying idea of optical also forms the basis for the modern Trifokallinsen. A multi focal lens allows a sharp look in the distance and the close by a concentric arrangement of multiple lenses rings that either the close or compensate for the foresight. Both images are thus focused on the retina.

Three strengths lens (Trifokal)

Grafische Erklärung einer trifokalen LinseGraphical explanation of a trifokalen LinseTrifokale lenses offer the most complete solution of all refractive treatments. The 3 problem areas close, middle (computer), TV can be compensated. A further development of the well-known bifocal lenses optically so modified, that also is a vision in the areas of transition is easily possible. Through the different zones can cause the interfaces unwanted light reflections (halo effects), which can occur especially in the night and lens. The last generation of trifokalen lenses could significantly reduce this effect.

Special lenses

If laser treatments reach your limits, as a result due to E.g. high diopter, thin corneas or strong astigmatism is not possible, so today various types of special lenses offer an elegant solution. Even in patients who are still limited, but still too young for lens replacement because of their age for a laser treatment, this minimally invasive treatment is the best way.

The procedure is a lens either before the iris of the eye implanted (Artesan/Arteflex) or but must be between IRIS and lens (ICL) removed without it for the own Eyelens. For this, only a very small access to the front Chamber of the eye is necessary and the procedure takes approx. 5-15 minutes.

Thus, high diopter can be compensated by about 15 d.

If you are over 40 years old and their Akkomodationsfähigkeit (the ability to see at different distances) allows a satisfactory close-ups, so special lenses are an attractive alternative to lens Exchange (loss of accommodation) and laser treatment (modification of the cornea) with low diopter.

The treatment is reversible so that in the future, as soon as there is a desire of an exchange of lenses, this can be done without any problems.
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