Clinic in Palmanova

In our clinic in Palmanova (open in September 2023) will host the specialties of internal medicine, general medicine, paediatrics and adolescent medicine, gynaecology (from 15.09.) and the Centre for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery (MIAS).

Our range of services include:

  • Internal medicine with ECG, 24-hour ECG, HRV, ultrasound with colour Doppler, etc.
  • Paediatrics and adolescent medicine with preventive medical check-ups
  • General medicine with allergy testing,
  • gynaecology and obstetrics (from 15:09.23)
  • Sports medicine
  • Aesthetic and plastic surgery (MIAS)
Opening hours: from 1 July 2023, Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 16:00. Opening hours for paediatrics and adolescent medicine will vary.
Consultation appointments for MIAS can be made now, starting in July. You can reach us by phone at 971 68 5333 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and find us at Calle Malgrat 6, 07160 Paguera.

Online bookings at:


+34 971 68 5333 / Paguera

+34 971 68 5333 / Santa Ponsa

+34 871 57 0606 / Eye Clinic

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Important notices

On Mondays, we are available for you by telephone from 07:00. Tuesdays to Saturdays from 08:00.

Our paediatrician has special opening hours, please check our website.

From now on our gynaecologist Dr. Chrsitina Keller is available for you.

You can book doctor's appointments online at this LINK.

For EMERGENCIES please click HERE