A medical checkup is as important as other checkups and we recommend it the latest from the age of 40 and then every 2 years.

The eye check in our hospital

The why is easy to explain, because an early recognized disorder can be treated today better to avoid worse. In addition to the oftalmologischen suffering how the Hornhautdistrofie, the Green Star (glaucoma), which can age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and so on, to the examination of the ocular fundus also exclusion on metabolic diseases (E.g. diabetes mellitus) and cardiovascular disease (E.g., hypertension).

As preoperative investigation is an eye check is always part of the Vorbereitung.Aber you can of course also independently use our offer of an operation, perform a necessary follow-up appointment, to the next control bypass long waits, initiate therapies or check or get a second opinion.
Scientific investigations, special risk groups were emerged where screening around the eye of particular significance are:

  • Diabetic (sugar generally, disease), annually, in some cases several times a year, in time to detect retinal changes
  • Hypertensives (high blood pressure)
  • familial oftalmologische pre-existing conditions (E.g., glaucoma or AMD)
  • family history of Visual impairment or blindness

For a precautionary investigation recommended that the investigations

  • the General eyesight, diopter change in eyeglasses straps, color vision, twilight and glare vision, stereo vision (Figure 1)
  • the retina using a so-called fundus camera to visualize early vascular changes (Figure 2)
  • of the ocular fundus via optical coherence tomography (glaucoma and retinal screening) (Figure 3)
  • Intraocular pressure via tonometry, to track the main risk factor for glaucoma (Figure 4)
  • of the Visual field to diagnose failure regions of the Visual field
  • the corneal thickness, properly to, interpret the intraocular pressure by means of Pachymeter
  • the slit lamp examination for the diagnosis of cataract
  • the corneal surface with Pentacam to enable an understanding of topographical (Figure 5)
  • the curvature of the cornea to measure Dioptric power using Keratometer

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