Fish and meat

Whether Turkey, lamb, chicken, beef, or pork - meat one of the most popular food is fish and meat:! And against the consumption of meat in moderation is also OK. Applies here, as everywhere... too much harm, but you must not dispense from ernährungsw...

Fruit and vegetables

Vital health with bite - so the motto of healthy fruits and vegetables, each man according to the recommendation to take the OECD to daily.

Bacon instead of cigarettes

Many fear gaining weight when they stop smoking. This is not always the case. Read here the newspaper article.

Heavy sweating

Profuse sweating: these tips to prevent extreme sweating: we all know wet hands before a first date or a sweaty forehead after the Sprint to the subway. Sweating is important for our health and human. But if the sweats are to the spoilt, sweating bec... Read more ...

Accelerate muscle building - 7 tips

Accelerate muscle building - 7 healthy tips for beginners: discipline and fighting spirit, not sufficient to build much muscle mass over a short period of time. Here we explain how you can naturally accelerate muscle growth,:. Read more ...

Special pain therapy

Special Pain Therapy is one of the specialties of orthopedic surgeons and its representative, Dr. Hofmeister. As a rule, special points where the pain occurs or which are responsible for this pain, specifically molded when other, gentler treatment me...

our new website

Our new website goes online - with a new look! We are very glad to be able to introduce you to our new website now. At the well-known address is our new website, after weeks of Visual, technical and above all content revision Read more ...



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Important notices

From now on we are available on the phone from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm.

You can now book an appointment in Santa Ponsa with Dr. Hertig and with our doctors in Paguera now 24/7 under this LINK.

If you want to book an AntiGen Test (Lateral flow) follow this link please.

If you need a PCR test you can book it online here.

Best regards Dr. Andreas Leonhard and the team of the German Medical Centre