Eyelid corrections

The face is the area always a first glance turns into the. Can be considered safe eyes personal Ausghängeschild, that sees everyone and which also characterizes a.  Dr. Beckers Lidlorrekuren performs professionally and safely around the eye.
Hanging upper eyelids, tear ducts, or lower lids can be corrected.


Lower eyelid correction - how:

Lower eyelid correction is performed a short sedation. The cut is microscopically exactly below the eyelashes and the outer corner of the eye inward, so that he will later be invisible when good healing.
Then the eyelid skin is removed and eliminated the cause of the correction. The so-called eye bags are stuffed fat body, which form in the age and for a good result must exactly be removed with lymph.
Then the wound with a fine thread is sewn and supply with a special patch provides, this can already be removed after one to two days. The patient gets drawn on the fourth day after the surgery the threads.

Oberlidkorrektur-so it is done!

Before an upper eyelid surgery is how much skin he will remove and where the cuts will be drawn to the waking patient.
A short sedation is sufficient for the operation. Then the cuts in the natural wrinkles of the upper lids run, roughly parallel to the eyebrow arch and several millimetres of wide skin strips away
Sometimes it is enough to remove the sagging skin to achieve the equivalent effect of rejuvenation. In other cases, the surgeon is removing additional flab and some muscle tissue, to obtain the desired streamlining. The desired streamlining is reached, closed the wound with a fine thread and then glued a special patch in. The stitches are removed after four to five days.


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