Arteriography- age testing of the blood vessels

Discover the Arteriograph - your new medical device for your heart health!

The Arteriograph is an innovative device that helps us to check the health of your arterial blood vessels in a simple and convenient way and to determine your biological vascular age. You are always as old as your blood vessels. Important parameters such as elasticity are measured and can also be compared over time. In this way, the success of therapy measures can be monitored.

Using a special cuff on the upper arm, important information about blood pressure and blood flow is recorded. The measurement takes only about 3 minutes and is painless.

The arteriograph offers additional analyses that provide even more detailed insights into your heart health.You can sit or lie comfortably during this time. The device helps capture important signals from your blood vessels that give clues about their health. This information is transmitted wirelessly to special software that helps you and your doctor get a better picture of your heart health.

The arteriograph provides you with information about the elasticity of your blood vessels and the resistance of blood flow. This information is useful for detecting potential problems early and improving your heart health.

With the arteriograph, we have a powerful tool at hand to keep an eye on your heart health.


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