Sports medicine

The German medical centre  in Paguera Mallorca offers you professional health and performance checks. Many years of experience in the field of sports medicine are the basis for this.
Sports medicine involves the theoretical and practical medicine. We study centre in Calle m ridge influence of exercise, training and sports, as well as the lack of movement on the healthy and diseased people of all ages here on Mallorca in the specialist.

In contrast to the most medical specialties, sports medicine is not diagnostic - or institution-related, but examines the importance of physical activity for health and performance. Our concern is therefore the effect on physical activity or lack of exercise on the body. Sports medicine deals with medical issues of movement and sport.

We advise you to our research and compose with them a meaningful and their needs examination and consulting package together. Individual resilience and performance reserves are determined by us on Mallorca. Then their training design is established an advisory capacity. So, they can benefit from our years of sports medicine experience. Whether they are athletes or beginners, health, recreational athletes, so they can successfully train and avoid health risks.

Whether they betreiben-sports in leisure or as a competitive sport sport is a mass phenomenon and very closely related to the health and because it's fun. Not to mention it's also healthy. As a therapy, sport is impossible to imagine, because sports and athletic training leads to improved performance and load capacity of the organism.

The typical athlete diseases and injuries we treat Mallorca comprises not only the tennis elbow but also the runners, jumper - or footballers knee and the various Fatigue fractures.


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From now on we are available for you by phone from 8:00 am for appointments or other concerns.

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