Expert Network

Our networkWe cooperate with doctors who do not practice in our center. We have known and appreciated these specialized colleagues for years, to whom we have referred many patients and received a very positive feedback. Given that we are not able to cover all specialties in their entire depth and breadth here in Mallorca, this provides you with competent contact points in Germany on whose medical expertise you can rely. This cooperation naturally includes a mutual professional exchange. We are continuously expanding our network of experts.

We are currently cooperating with the following colleagues:

Martin 170 Prof. Dr. Stephan Martin
Specialist for Internal Medicine,
Diabetology and Endocrinology
Location: Düsseldorf

Chief Physician for Diabetology and Director of the West German Diabetes and Health Center of the Association of Catholic Hospitals Düsseldorf (VKKD)

Information about diabetes                

Lichtenberg 170

Dr. med. dipl. oec. med. Michael Lichtenberg

Specialist in Angiology
Internal Medicine
CardiologyInternal Intensive Care Medicine
Hypertensiologist (DHL)Graduate health economist
Location: Arnsberg

Head physician of angiology
Hochsauerlandklinik Arnsberg

Information about angiology 


+34 971 68 5333 / Paguera

+34 971 68 5333 / Santa Ponsa

+34 871 57 0606 / Eye Clinic

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Important notices

From now on we are available for you by phone from 8:00 am for appointments or other concerns.

You can now book a doctor or test appointment in Santa Ponsa, Paguera or Palmanova online at this link.

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