Corneal topografy

In the corneal topography of the eye is a micro-precise method of analysis of the cornea (cornea). Use the procedure is created by the surface of the cornea a kind of map. The characteristics of the cornea are thereby shown in color as well figuratively using corneal topography on the eye. The cornea has an important role in the visual system. She takes over in addition to their protective function to the eye an essential task in the optical system. By the shape of its curvature it affects the quality of the image that is imaged on the retina.
The ophthalmologist performs the corneal topography on the eye with a computer-controlled device by, called keratographs. Based on the results, it determines the condition of the eyes cornea. It measures the degree of curvature of the cornea to thousands of individual points. The corneal topography of the eye allows an exact representation of the curvature of the cornea. Based on these results, the ophthalmologist can detect any pathological changes. For the correction of refractive errors is the exact measurement of the corneal topography of the eye is of great importance. The study provides the basis for comparison with other findings and so allows accurate evaluation of the results.
The corneal topography provides the data, which must be set in the laser to correct their refractive error.


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