The osteopathy is essentially the American doctor still attributable to Dr. A..

In 1892, he founded the first Osteopathic College in Kirksville. In the United States, the Bachelor of osteopathy today is a full academic education, which is equivalent to studying medicine. In Europe, osteopathy has spread only in recent years. English and Belgian schools have trained "Osteopaths"; This training is similar but not with the fulltime of osteopatischen doctors in the United States. European "osteopaths" are usually healers or physiotherapists, and no doctors.

What is Osteopathic Medicine?

Osteopathic Medicine includes a comprehensive manual diagnosis and therapy of malfunctions in the movement system, the internal organs and the nervous system. In the Centre of therapy is not the treatment of a disease in itself, but always the individual situation of a patient. The self-healing powers of the patients are in the focus. Every body has a strong force for health in itself. The Osteopathic Physician stimulates these forces and thus supports the self healing.

Almost all methods of Osteopathic Medicine are as "soft" or "soft". The treatment itself is relaxing and if necessary leads to a gradual but long-lasting regulation to "Healthy".

Muscle energy - techniques

These techniques correct joint disorders of the spine, as well as other joints. Targeted muscle tension and guided movements, the joints are brought back to normal function and optimized muscle tension.

Myofascial techniques

All muscles are covered by the so-called fascia. The fascia itself are all over each other in connection. Charms of this fascia are given by soft pressure and tension. Thus, reactions be used to normalize the tension going. Ultimately, this circulation of tissue and in particular their mobility be improved against each other.

Counter train technology

The counter train technique, tendons points discusses certain druckschmerzhafte muscle and. There are about 200 such "tender points". " With a special storage technique, these tender points are completely relaxed and persistently resolved.

Functional technology after Johnston

The functional techniques are indirect methods that Act on reflexes on the spinal cord and central nervous system. The segment with a malfunction occurs in 3-dimensional space and depending on respiration in the direction, which is the easiest way possible.

Visceral techniques

At the visceral osteopathy voltage changes to internal organs in their momentum as well as in the body felt and handled. Internal organs are attached by fascia and ligaments and movable. This fascial tension will affect the mobility of the organs. Thus, dysfunction of organs can arise and about reflexes occur also on the skeletal system. The visceral osteopathy resolve the tension of the belts. This supports the physiological function of the internal organs.

Craniosakrale technology

The skull bones are movable, and they move in a certain rhythm. This craniosakrale rhythm (ca 8-12) times per minute, resulting in the movement of the brain water (CSF) and ranges the mobility of the various skull bones with each other from the cavity system of the head over the entire spinal cord channel down to the coccyx in the technology are cranial and coccyx mobility investigated and assessed. In case of a malfunction, the jointed connections of the skull bones and the rough can be normalized. With the cranial therapy also cranial membrane tension and improves the blood circulation in the head.


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