An allergy can be from mild to severe and even acutely life-threatening in some cases. Symptoms may occur only seasonally for example if  pollen season starts on Mallorca, or if symptoms occur throughout the year such as allergies against house dust mite droppings and pet dander.

The allergy by animal hair

cat or dog, the trigger is not uncommon. Eye tears and coughing and fluent coryza is then constant companion of those affected. In Mallorca that is triggered by our beloved companion. As a result of genetic predisposition of the children who have a tendency to allergies and develop a hypersensitivity to cat allergens early, unfortunately have an increased risk of asthma.

Allergy - what is it?

From epidemiological studies at home and abroad is year after year confirm the allergic diseases have increased dramatically in recent decades. And it is to assume the allergies still continue to. In Europe the number has risen the allergic bronchial asthma sufferers twice in the ' 80s, only an example to name a few. Scientists from all over the world why it incorrectly responds in case of allergies research to get the secrets of the immune system on the track. However, no scientist yet has succeeded to investigate the exact causes of allergies. Therefore, it is unfortunately also not yet possible us to offer a causal therapy that can cure an allergy. Relieve the symptoms, such as skin rashes or itching and fluent coryza, so to alleviate the symptoms of allergy, or to bring to naught there drugs however. Through appropriate behaviors and preventive measures can an allergic reaction will largely control. Here it is important that those affected Mallorca well informed about their disease. We want to help with this Web site, to identify ways to treat and knowledge and prevention of allergies.

But what causes allergies at all?

It seems plausible to be allergic to respond the body toxins. But why he increasingly also responds to as harmless and natural substances, such as pollen or animal dander in Mallorca? Our immune system is different here on endogenous and exogenous substances, for example proteins cells or other large molecules. Normally, the immune system in harmless and dangerous substances can classify. Antigens, that are involved in the development of an allergy, are known as allergens. Our body is also immune from birth against some foreign matter is in the course of a life an acquired immunity against antigens developed, comes with the the body in touch such as viruses or bacteria.
Here certain white blood cells, B lymphocytes, to detect and combat the foreign substances an important role. They produce antibodies, which fit like a key to a lock to the respective source. This allows the selective binding and subsequent destruction of antigens. The immune system "remembers" the Antigen after the initial response and is to respond immediately to further penetration of the Antigen. The described processes are disturbed when an allergy and immune system classifies non-hazardous substances as dangerous.

While too many antibodies are formed. As a result, substances such as histamine in the body are released, which cause allergic symptoms. Formed antibodies formed in excess cause sensitization of the body compared to the allergen. Even small amounts of the allergen cause violent reactions. That can manifest in the form of conjunctival irritation, fluent coryza, skin rashes, nausea, or diarrhea.


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