Intravitreal injections

In our modern ophthalmological clinic, we offer you the possibility of an intravitrealen injection.

A loss of vision can be treated not with glasses, laser or lens replacement, but may have a pathological cause. Often, vein closures, the age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and diabetic retinopathy cause changes in the Visual Centre of the retina, which can quickly lead to blindness.

Explanation graphics for an Intravitreal InjektionHeutzutage there by medicines such as Lucentis, AVASTIN, Eylea and Ozurdex very good methods of treatment, which, however, require a virtually pain-free injection into the eye.

In the event that you suffer from one of these diseases, have a family history or lament a loss of vision, we offer you a complete service. An individual diagnosis and immediate treatment are possible.

If you are treated in Germany, it must affect not your vacation plans. We can continue their treatments here.
In addition to the pure injection in our OP, you receive a detailed report and a follow-up by means of Koherrenztomografie (OCT) of course.

This service is taken over by your private health insurance company and is a routine procedure with us.

Dr. Sebastian Beckers also performs these injections in our hospital.
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Best regards Dr. Andreas Leonhard and the team of the German Medical Centre