Accelerate muscle building - 7 tips

Accelerate muscle building - 7 healthy tips for beginners: discipline and fighting spirit, not sufficient to build much muscle mass over a short period of time. Here we explain how you can naturally accelerate muscle growth,:.

Muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger - this is probably a dream of many men. But the way that time is often long. Many men fight off every day in the gym and forgo social contacts in the field, because they have only one thing in mind: build muscle mass in record time.

We humans are naturally very impatient. Success must be visible soon, otherwise the will and discipline subside quickly. This impatience is reflected in the women with weight loss against and among men in the muscle. But: Good thing to have while.

Several factors for the muscle responsible: the muscle can be accelerated while, but for the daily walk to the bench simply not sufficient. This includes much more.

1: treat tip rest breaks

Daily sweating and strains of weights causes you to get up one morning and feel how whacked. You know in the morning so, that you can give no 100 percent on training today. Why? The body needs sufficient rest between workouts. During this recovery period, it is extremely important to give time to grow muscle. Typically 48 hours, enough to give the body the necessary peace and quiet.

Tip 2: food fit

The diet plays a crucial role in muscle building. Without vitamins, carbohydrates & co. take full power. You can expect so only the best performance from your body if you are also "best food" to him. As well as:


Pay attention to a balanced diet. These include also the carbohydrates. You give the body strength and the necessary power. Without the addition of carbohydrates, you lack the energy to complete the training. After training, the body should be recycled in a portion of carbohydrates in the form of dextrose and fructose.


Who would like to put on muscle mass, should eat vitaminreich. Vitamin B6 is particularly important. The more protein is fed into the body, the more vitamin B6 required the body to convert the protein. Other vitamins of the B-series are important for athletes. Vitamin B12, for example, plays an important role in the implementation of the body's own proteins.

Tip 3: protein lead to

Who want to build much and fast muscles, should record a big protein on his diet. Protein is indeed necessary at all for the first time to build up muscles. Around 1.8 grams protein per kilogram of body weight required the body in intense training to build muscle. This corresponds to a mass of about 20 to 30 eggs a day. But who wants to eat so many eggs a day?

Alternatively, there are various protein shakes on the market to happiness. Because the selection is aso great, be sure to observe when buying quality. High-quality products, such as the designer whey by ESN, have a protein content of around 80 g per 100 g concentrate. One aspect of athletes along with the taste and the slight solubility in water place high value on the.

So a protein shake or even protein shake should be called immediately after your workout to be consumed. Thus, the body can consume the protein directly for the muscle formation. Also during the periods of rest should be taken strictly on the increase in protein. The muscles grow during the regeneration time and not during the training.

Tip avoid stress 4:

A busy working day or trouble with your partner can cause mental stress. Along with the physical stress, which is raised during the training, the muscle is inhibited.  So avoid all stress situations as well. When everything becomes too much for you, you still just take a break.

Tip 5: adequate sleep for body, mind and soul

Who train a lot, needs sufficiently good night's sleep. At least 7-8 hours a day are required. And the: evenly. Don't go to bed at 21:00 and next day at 23:00. The body should be given a fixed rhythm of sleep. If you feel sleepy morning, you should try to take a NAP in the afternoon. Even 15 minutes can cause miracles.

Intensity of training Tip 6:

A training session should take about 45 minutes to complete. Each of the exercises, such as bench press, or weight lifting, must last between 30 and 40 seconds, so that the muscles are sufficiently charged.

Many men always think they must lift much weight to build muscles. More important, it's actually during the entire time the exercises properly running and that.

Bottom line: If you follow these tips, nothing in the way should be the faster muscle building. Enough sleep, healthy diet and the intake of protein are the key to success. (free


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