Heavy sweating

Profuse sweating: these tips to prevent extreme sweating: we all know wet hands before a first date or a sweaty forehead after the Sprint to the subway. Sweating is important for our health and human. But if the sweats are to the spoilt, sweating becomes the disease.

Sweating is healthy. Because only so our bodies can compensate for temperature differences. To not overheat at 32 degrees, our skin conducts heat to the outside - we sweat. Also nervousness or anger can lead to sweating. In these situations, our body of stress hormones pours out, the nerves are overworked and activate the sweat glands. Of these a person owns two million, particularly many found in palms, soles of the feet and on the forehead.

Abnormal sweating and its causes

Some people sweat more than others. Doctors termed Hyperhidrosis excessive sweating and distinguish between two species.

The primary Hyperhidrosis

occurs without apparent cause and those affected most since her youth. Reason is an incorrect setting in the autonomous nervous system. Another disease is not the cause for extreme sweating, but stress or anxiety can be triggers.

The secondary Hyperhidrosis

on the other hand is triggered by diseases or physical changes, such as being overweight or the menopause. Hormonal and metabolic disorders are often responsible for a secondary hyperhidrosis. The triggering disease is treated in these cases, decreased perspiration also.

Against perspiration odors: Deodorant, shaving and the right clothes

There is no cure for primary hyperhidrosis. But some tips can help regulate the sweating. Deodorants with aluminium chloride reduce the perspiration and inhibit the development of odor. Profuse sweating is often wrongly connected with lack of hygiene. Therefore, it is many people uncomfortable to ask for the matching deodorant. To save the embarrassing pharmacy visit, you can order strong deodorant in an online pharmacy like the Aliva Versandapotheke, and confidential home, send it. Against the disturbing smell but also a shave of underarms can help. Because only by bacteria, which feel especially comfortable in hair, sweat begins to smell. Also breathable clothing, which releases the moisture rather than save them, can prevent sweat.

5 plants against extreme sweating

Who would rather trust the nature on the force, can try with simple home remedies to get the sweat production in the handle. There are herbs that reduce the sweating. But also a bath in tomato juice or an envelope containing Walnut leaves to reduce the production of sweat.

Sage: Sage contains bitter compounds that reduce perspiration. In the form of tea, he is a proven home remedies to combat heavy sweating. You get Sage but also in capsule form or as a bath additive.

Oak bark: The tannins in the bark of the oak pull together the sweat glands and are thus a great helper in the fight against the sweat. You can to take oak bark as a tea or bathe hands and feet in boiled-down oak bark.
Wall nut leaves:

Envelopes with wall nut leaves can slow the welding production. Make a BREW by bring the sheets with water to a boil and after 15 minutes through a tea strainer remove the whole thing.

Fenugreek: The ingredients of the fenugreek Klees soothe the sweat glands. Fenugreek seeds can be obtained in the pharmacy. They are excellent for a foot bath or soothing envelopes.

A long bath helps to relax - and relaxed people sweat less. It sounds unusual, but according to an old home remedy, two liters of tomato juice in bath water the sweat production decrease. Just try it out. And here's a little tip: encourage perspiration lime blossom and elder. Better, you therefore waive these plants - especially in summer.


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